There are a few things in the world that can cause both love and happiness, and one of the biggest is when a new dog is brought into the household. If there are also children in the home then this love and happiness can be multiplied. Whether it is a puppy or an older dog, they are often given the run of the house for the first few weeks, but it will eventually become a problem when it is constantly peeing on the floor, and chewing up all of the shoes. It is at this point that steps must be taken in housebreaking a dog.

My little dog by -=RoBeE=-, on Flickr
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It is much easier training a puppy, as like a baby, they have a clean slate to work with, but if you have taken on an older dog, such as via an adoption, then they may have in-built habits that may be difficult to change. However, although in some circumstances it may prove difficult housebreaking a dog, it is always possible. It is rare for a dog to be completely untrainable, and the only ones that usually come into that category are those which have been trained as guard dogs, or have been involved in illegal dog fighting.

These days there are not just the traditional methods available to train a dog, but technology can now play a part. One of the most popular is the anti-bark device, which is a collar with a relatively small attachment on it. The collar has a sensor in it based on the vibration in the dog’s throat which constantly monitors whether it is barking or not. As soon as the device is triggered, a small electric shock is given to the dog. This may sound cruel to some people, but the power used is no more than that used by physiotherapy departments for muscle stimulation. To the dog it is an irritant, and although it may take a few weeks to work, eventually it will associate the irritant with barking and will stop.

Another device that is now being used more and more for housebreaking a dog is the wireless dog fence. This can be used both indoors and outdoors to stop the dog from entering certain areas. For instance, the invisible fence can be placed at the bottom of the stairs if you wish to teach the dog that it is not allowed upstairs. A collar is put on the dog, and this contains a device which emits a high frequency sound when it passes through the fence. The further away it gets, the more annoying the sound becomes for the dog. Luckily for the owners, the sound cannot be heard by humans.

When it comes to toilet training a dog, it has to be done the old fashioned way by teaching it to go out into the garden to do its business. Housebreaking a dog has got easier these days with technology playing a part, but things such as sitting and healing will still require plenty of patience, and a lot of treats.